Everything new Celtic signing Gustaf Lagerbielke had to say in his first press conference...

This (move) seemed to have come about very quickly. Tell us how did you learn and when did you learn?

Yeah, it has been pretty quick. I heard about Celtic about one and a half weeks ago and obviously, I was very interested right away, but then you also know it's a long way from a club being interested to actually signing the contract. I still had to focus on Elfsborg - my former team - and then after the game last Sunday it got closer and closer, then we went here and did a medical and signed this Wednesday.

How big a move is this for you in terms of the development of your career?

I think it's a big move, a perfect move if I could say. The Scottish league being better than the Swedish league – going from one team on top of the table to another – so it feels like a good step for me.

Obviously, Carl (Starfelt) has left. Did you know Carl, and did you speak to him at all about Celtic?

I’ve actually never talked to him. I know him professionally and have seen him play in the Swedish national team and at Celtic, but I've never talked to him. I have seen that he is a great player and he's done great things here at Celtic.

How confident are you that you can take your place in the defence now that Carl has gone?

A hard question to answer. Now, I am focused on getting to know all of the guys, getting into the group, and training as it's my first training with the squad tomorrow. That’s my first focus and then these things later on.

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The challenge must excite you, I imagine?

Yeah, very much. It's a big club with high expectations so it's going to be a really fun journey hopefully.

Gustaf, did you have interest from any other clubs, and if so why did you pick Celtic, and why did you decide to come here?

Yeah, there was interest from other clubs, but Celtic have a good Swedish history and when you think of Celtic, you think of the fans, and you think of the stadium here and Champions League nights. I was really interested right away as it's a really great club and all I’ve seen and received so far makes me happy that I chose Celtic.

First of all, you mentioned Swedish history here. How big a part did that play in bringing you to the club?

It was a part of the decision. A lot of Swedish players have been here before, staying for a long time and doing well. It's a sign that Swedish players can live well and adapt to Scottish football and life in Glasgow, so that was important for me in my decision.

The Champions League, you mentioned it. The fans, here, the atmosphere is famous around Europe. How much are you looking forward to playing on the big European nights here at Celtic Park?

I look forward to it, but that’s the thing about Celtic, it's not just about the European nights. It's every home game, with so many people and fans so passionate, so I look forward to all of the games, but the home games are going to be special, of course.

You’ve already played for the national team, but how big a platform can this give you if you are playing in the Champions League group stages and the top of the Scottish league as well to accelerate your international career?

I hope it's a good way to show a lot to the national team coach, but it's not my decision to pick the team. I just focus on getting into the team now and playing well, then hopefully things will sort themselves out and I get the chance in the national team also.

Have you had a discussion with the manager yet on how he sees you fitting in? What has he said to you?

We had two chats, and he knows there’s a lot of new things in the beginning, and a lot of new people to meet, so he didn’t want to say too much but he welcomed me and said that he is really glad to have me here. I think we’ll talk more about football and tactical stuff closer to the game this Sunday.

Is that someone that excites you to work under? He’s got a track record of developing players and improving players. Is that something that could help you?

Yeah, of course. Both his record of developing young players and then also his achievements in former teams in Celtic the last time he was here, and then in Liverpool and Leicester also. I know he’s a really good coach and the impression that I’ve got is that he’s a really good person and a man also.

Did you speak to anybody who has played in Scotland that you know, or did you get any advice about settling in to Scotland or Glasgow?

He (Rodgers) said that he really liked living here in Glasgow and that he and his family really like it here and he said it's a really nice city to live in and really nice people. He said that you can eat at a different restaurant every night of your life and they’re still going to be amazing! He talked a bit about living here and how he highly recommended it.

You said that the interest only came about a week and a half ago. That’s a very short space of time. Can you give us an insight at what that’s like in your head when you have to deal with things moving so quickly?

As a player, you always want to focus on the things you can control, and it's hard because we are all human and because it's a big thing for me, but I just tried to focus on the next training and the next game for Elfsborg until it was up to me. I tried to be as professional as possible, but of course – like when you’re home – you think about it.

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You must have a situation where you said to one of your mates “Celtic are interested in me.” And then a week later, you're a Celtic player. That must be hard to get your head around and for your friends and family to get their heads around?

I think so too. I feel sorry for not calling all of my friends in advance and probably some of them were shocked at the announcement yesterday and they didn’t know anything, so I’ll apologise to them now. It happened really fast and I'm really happy to be here.

I read a few bits and pieces that you’re keen to look at your diet and your sleep and things like that. Is that the case, is that something that you're quite an athlete who looks at what they do off the field?

Yeah, I would like to think so. I put a lot of time and effort into optimising how I am on the pitch, with sleep, nutrition and everything like that. If you’re a footballer and you feel well in your life then you perform better on the pitch so it's the whole package. You try to get it all as good as possible to perform on the pitch.

So, are you one of the guys who goes and asks the sports scientists at the club other things and further information? Do you read yourself to find new ways to make yourself better?

Yeah, I have done it in the past in Sweden – at not as big clubs as Celtic of course. Maybe they didn’t have the resources. I don’t know everything about Celtic’s scientific department yet but I'm sure they will help me a lot, and in my former teams I have taken a lot of responsibility in myself to develop and invest in my career.

How would you describe your playing style?

I would describe myself as a player who loves to win and does everything for the team. I can handle both short and long-range passes and enjoy duelling in the air. I also hope to score a few goals. 

Have you modelled your game on any specific defenders?

Virgil van Dijk, who has been here before, is a huge inspiration in terms of on and off the pitch. He is very professional and keen on getting better all the time. On the pitch, of course, with his leadership and passing and duelling, he is a really good player. 

Does Virgil van Dijk's journey so players what can be achieved at Celtic?

I wouldn't say I like to look too far forward. First, I look forward to the next training session and getting to know all my new team-mates. There is a game on Sunday and I just want to focus on the things I can do and hopefully it goes well.

If you can make the same impact Virgil did here then you will be very happy, won't you?

Yeah, he was a great player for Celtic and did a lot of great things. He is an inspiration.

You must feel ready to get stuck in given you have been playing over the summer?

That is the good thing about playing in Sweden when you leave in the summer you are match fit. I played on Sunday and I feel ready to play.