Everything that Brendan Rodgers said to the media on Matt O'Riley after Celtic's 3-1 Scottish Premiership victory at Pittodrie

Can I ask you about Matt O'Riley, as he is an unsung hero isn't he and what have you made of him? 

I like him. I like him a lot. I think he is a really intelligent footballer. Firstly, as a professional. He is a top professional. He prepares his body well and he prepares his life well. He wants to do well. He sets his standards high every day to be better. When I looked at his numbers and everything else, I think I said to him "you need to score more goals", as he didn't do it enough. He was a bit like Jamesy Forrest when I first came into the club. He didn't score enough for the talent they had and I was looking at Matt from last season and his first goal was in February. You can't have that talent and be waiting that long. It is all about arriving in the areas and finding the composure to finish. I really like him, his build-up play is good, he takes the ball and he needs to work on his pressing and intensity, but he is a wonderful footballer and he is a good guy as well.

He is an intelligent boy as well and he takes a lot in, doesn't he?

I say to them the more you learn the more you earn. If you keep learning, you will keep earning. Hopefully, he is intelligent.

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Were you aware of Matt O'Riley before you came to Celtic?

I didn't see a great deal of him. He was obviously at MK Dons and I know he was linked with moves down south as most Celtic or Rangers players are. I have watched every Celtic game that has been on telly and I have seen his ability. He is a wonderful footballer and he is ambitious and wants to be better and improve. I am really pleased for him and that was a good run into the box and finish from him.

You have a track record of improving players can you develop him further?

Hopefully, I always try and create that culture but the responsibility lies with the footballer. You design training sessions and work sessions with the players and staff and you create an environment that is designed to help them develop and improve. If you are clever enough you take that on board. He's in his early twenties, and he is only going to get better as he is at the start of his asset age as a player and will get better.