Everything Matt O'Riley and Joe Hart had to say in their post-match interview with Sky Sports...

How was that?

Matt O'Riley:  Yeah, it was tough out there. The pitch was dry but I thought we were really good and battled really hard. We limited them to only a few good chances. Joe came out for so many corners and crosses and we defended really well.

Joe, Aberdeen seemed to be putting a lot of crosses into the box, how did you find that?

Joe Hart: I am used to it. Teams have been doing that to me since I was 16 and in the first team. That was obviously their plan for me today. Overall, it was a good victory.

What made it difficult about how you were trying to play in the first half?

JH: We have to give a lot of respect to Aberdeen. They pressed us well and made it difficult. The pitch was dry but that is not an excuse. We are not as free-flowing as we want to be at the moment. We have a new manager and we have clear ideas that we are trying to adhere to. We are working hard every single day and we are going to be better. I think that shows great character, as we were not at our best but still got a result away from home.

Is it just bedding in process in terms of working on the good and bad bits?

JH: Yeah, the manager has made it clear that he is here for a long time so you can't just come and snap your fingers after we had such a clear way of playing for the last two years. It is not through lack of trying and I can speak for the whole squad when I say everyone wants to get their head down and work hard. The manager has been superb since has come in and we are trying to play a really expansive brand of football but not everyone can do that. It is not easy but we are working on it.

Matt, how pleased were you with the goal? 

I think it came at the right time as we had to weather the storm a little bit for about 10 or 15 minutes in the second half. In those moments, it is about taking your chances and putting games to bed and thankfully, I did that.

Joe, tell us what is like with a changing defence in terms of being a goalkeeper?

I think we are a very fluid squad and we back everyone. A huge shout out to Maik [Nawrocki] today, as I thought he was fantastic. Stephen Welsh also did well when he came on at half-time in a tough environment. Losing someone like Cameron Carter-Vickers is tough and hopefully, it is just for this game. Welshy was superb. All these things can affect a squad but we good job making sure that is not the case.