Ange Postecoglou has namechecked Celtic as he responded to questions about transfer interest in star Tottenham man Harry Kane.

The England captain has been heavily linked with a move away from London this summer with Bayern Munich already having a number of bids knocked back.

Postecoglou is relaxed on the situation however, and he feels his experience of the past will help him navigate his way through the Kane transfer saga.

He told Sky Sports: "It's the same as every other club I've been at, it's always tough at the beginning. At Celtic, you just have to look at the first six games and we lost three of them because we were still buying players up until the last day of the window. I didn't even have a core of a team let alone missing a key player or two, and it was the same in Japan.

"So the beginnings are always like that and for me, it's kind of normal. When you go into a job, you're going in knowing that they are seeking change, and whenever there's change, the beginnings are tough. In this case, Harry Kane is obviously the biggest one but you just learn to deal with it.

"I've learned to become disciplined to make sure that I don't just focus on one thing, I don't get distracted. The most important thing right now for us is to build a team, it's not about one or two players.

"If this was year two or three three of the project and the team is already playing the way I want them to and we've got the foundation of a really good squad, and Harry was the only thing floating about, then I'd be spending more time on it and it would probably be a little bit more distracting in terms of the energy I need. But right now, as important as Harry is to the group, it's important what I do with the group."