Everything Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers had to say in his post-match interview with Celtic TV after his side's 3-2 win over Athletic Club...

Thoughts on the performance?

It wasn't a great start! We are obviously really happy for James [Forrest] and the overall performance of the team for him. I thought in the first half we were not very good if I am honest. I don't think we started well, we were very passive and gave the ball away. We had some guys playing their first minutes of pre-season so it was a little bit broken. I thought the second half was excellent as our positioning was really good and we kept the ball well. We showed good energy in the second half and I thought our attitude was really good. We scored two excellent goals in the second half and overall I am pleased. It was a really good game to finish with against a good side, and a lovely turnout for James in terms of the supporters. We will be better, and we can be better, but it was a good end to our pre-season.

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How do you feel the new boys coped with playing at Celtic Park?

Yeah, I think some coped better than others. That is the nature of it when you come to a huge club and we all know how heavy the jersey is and the demands of being a Celtic player. That is what you have to cope with. I thought Maik [Nawrocki], for the first time, was excellent. Odin [Thiago Holm] was very good in the second half, along with Matt O'Riley in midfield. Those two were very good. I thought Yang [Hyun-jun] was excellent on the outside. It was also great to see Anthony Ralston come back. He played really well after being out for a long time. I think the new guys settled in well. They get a sense of what it is like to play here and obviously, that expectation only grows.

How prepared do you feel for the league season?

There is a couple of days to go but we will be ready for Saturday when it matters. The players have worked very hard and have lots of minutes in their legs. They are coming off the back of a game on Saturday as well. It all helps the preparation. I am really pleased. We will refine some tactical details over the next few days but overall, I am really happy and we will be ready for the weekend.

How excited are you for the season?

Yeah, I think Saturday brings to an end the celebration of winning the treble and of course winning the league, which is the bread and butter. As soon as that flag is up we are looking to not just defend it but also win it again. That all starts on Saturday.