Everything Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers had to say in his interview with Sky Sports...

How has the transition been?

The transition has been made very easy as I know most of the people here in terms of outside the club. It has been a really smooth settling-in period. It has been great.

How much are you looking forward to competitive football?

The preparation has been really good. We have obviously have one more week to go and then it really matters, next Saturday. Everything I did in my last time here is in the past. What we achieved is set in stone, which is great, but I have a real determination now to have another really successful spell here. The foundations of which we have looked to put in place over pre-season.

What lessons have you learned from your first spell in charge?

It is just the experience of being here before. I always felt that I knew Celtic but it is not until you are in it that you understand the support you have. I just think the experiences of four-and-a-half years away, in the greatest league in the world and coaching against some incredible players and managers can only benefit you. To come back, you can only use those experiences to help elevate your own team and own club.

Is it fair to say the signings so far were identified by the recruitment structure and that the rest of the window gives you the opportunity to bring in your own players?

I will work with the club on that. I think that the players that have come in over the past couple of years – Mark Lawwell who is head of the recruitment team here - has done a fantastic job. It’s a market that he knows really well from his previous job so he understands the players but he's also got a really good team of people behind him, so I trust in their work. Of course, they’ll always be put forward to me and I’ll have a look at it, but some of those players were identified before I came in so it's all about giving my blessing. Some have been identified whilst I’m in so just a continuation of working together.

Is it a two-way street in terms of recruitment?

Always. It has to suit the club which is really important. As a modern manager in the modern game, it is very difficult to be able to do what you could years ago and be out watching players every night of the week as the game has changed. You are really relying on your recruitment team. You won't get every single transfer right and that is just purely on the basis of players sometimes not adapting to the country they come into. There is a really comprehensive structure in place here to mitigate those circumstances and then allow the player to come in and flourish in an environment that is made for development.

Is it good not having the qualifiers to navigate?

That is a huge difference when you don't have them. The aim was always to qualify but yeah, we want to improve the squad. I think everyone thinks we will be able to bring in a £15-20million pound player, but the reality is that won't be the case. It's not where the club is based on, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t talented players out there still quite a way to go in the window and we’ll look to improve the squad again and continue with that. We have done some early business which is great, but we will obviously hope to do some more. I am quite calm and the players we have are working very well and we will look to bring some more in to help them.

What does the future hold for fringe players?

I think the beauty of coming and assessing things is getting that prolonged period. You can sometimes make a decision too quickly on a player but it works both ways. You might want a player to be in your squad but naturally, they might want to go and play and start somewhere every week. It works both ways. Both Stephen Welsh and Liam Scales have been excellent during pre-season and we will see how they develop over the coming weeks.

Is it a tougher challenge domestically now than in your first spell?

It is always tough. The talk in my first spell was about Rangers being promoted. They had just beaten Celtic well in a semi-final game so they were coming back. Aberdeen were also very strong. I think you can only judge it once you are here in terms of the environment you are in. Rangers, as you say, are investing and will want to be strong. The other teams will be investing as well and be looking to close the gaps. My is primarily on Celtic and making us the best that we can be and developing the players by looking to get our performance level at the best we can. That is my only concern.

You set the bar high in your first spell, didn't you? 

It will be the same. It is, of course, always a challenge but Celtic is about winning and winning with a style of play. There was nothing nostalgic about coming back. I am here to win and do it in a stylish way. The targets are pretty much the same, we go into every game wanting to win. We know the Champions League is a huge jump in terms of a challenge but we want to see what we can do in Europe, whether that is the Champions League or any other competition. Domestically, you have to look after your bread and butter first and then work from there.

Any apprehension about going back to Parkhead?

Celtic done well after I left. I had a good spell at Leicester. I have now come back and I have had great support from the Celtic supporters. Listen, you won't always get everyone on side, but my experience in life tells me people forget when it suits. And they forget when it is convenient. My job is to just concentrate, the priority is the players and the staff, making sure that we can be the best that we can be in order to help the supporters dream again. That is what I am looking to achieve. I am pretty sure the first time I was here not everybody was behind me and it will probably be the same here. As long as everyone supports the team and gives them everything that they normally do at Celtic Park, then hopefully we can have a great season again.