Everything Marco Tilio had to say in his first press conference as a Celtic player...

Can you describe to us the last couple of days, the last couple of weeks while this has crept closer and finally got over the line? 

Obviously, a lot has been happening in the last few weeks. I was away with the U23s, in talks with the club of course and went off to London and finalised a few things and did my medical while I was over here in Europe. Then I got a couple of weeks off and went back home to Australia with my family, which was nice and then headed back over here yesterday and they're finally settling in. 

Did you have a chance to kind of gather your thoughts when you were dealing with all of that and going from one side of the globe to the other? 

Yeah, I think for myself everything's been amazing and every person I've spoken to at the club has been really good to me, and yeah, as I said, everything sort of fell into place and I'm really happy to be here now. 

Looking in from the outside, the assumption is you, as an Australian, coming into the club, Ange Postecoglou must have had some role in bringing you here. Can you give us an idea of any involvement he had in convincing you and identifying you as a potential Celtic player? 

I never spoke to Ange, but I know I've spoken to the club for a number of years now and they've had a plan to track for me. And then, yeah, I think now with the new gaffer coming in, I spoke to him before I signed and he had a great plan for me and for the club and I just wanted to be a part of that. 

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So this has been a potential long-term move, something that could have been in the offing for quite a while. How has that been knowing that maybe you'd get this kind of dream ticket almost? 

For me, it's always been about just playing football and doing what I control and that's performing on the field. So with all these other things outside of football, I never really thought about it. As I said, I just try to perform on the field and let everyone else deal with all the outside stuff. 

It is really getting bigger and better, but was it always an ambition of yours to come to Europe to prove yourself here? 

Yeah, for sure. I think since I moved to Melbourne City three years ago, that was my goal. To get over to Europe and here I am with an opportunity that's presented itself and I just can't wait to get started. 

You say Celtic have been interested in you for a number of years. Can you tell us how many years? 

I think a couple of seasons now, they have kept tabs on me, but I don't know too much. 

Is this move then always been on your mind for the last couple of years? 

A move to Europe has always been on my mind. I don't know too much detail, I just work on what I can do and that's to perform on the field. 

Previous Celtic players have come from Australia, have you taken any advice from them? 

Yeah, I spoke to Aaron Mooy before making my decision and obviously, being involved in the national team with him a few times. He couldn't speak highly enough of the club and the people at the club. It just really brought it to my attention that I really wanted to do this and join this big, big, great club. 

What did Brendan (Rodgers) say to you in terms of how he sees your role at the club? 

Obviously, I spoke to him before I signed and he just said I'm an exciting attacker and he likes playing an attacking brand of football and that's what I like to do as a player. I want to excite the fans and I hope with this opportunity I have, I can do that. 

What was that feeling like for you when you first heard of Celtic's initial interest? 

So obviously, a couple of weeks ago, when I knew that everything was falling into place, it was amazing for me because such a big club had an interest in me. Growing up as a young boy in Australia couldn't say no, it is an opportunity that has presented itself. 

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It's a club that goes for titles and trophies and there is a lot of expectation. How do you think you'll handle that weight of expectation? 

I think it's obviously going to be massive to try to win back-to-back trebles. I think that's what the club's goal is. For me, being in Melbourne we were all about winning trophies as well, and my time in Melbourne was able to do that. So I've sort of have a little bit of experience in that, so I hope I can bring that over here. 

How much of a draw was Champions League football in you coming here?

I think that's a massive bonus. Of course, playing in the Champions League is every child's dream. So for me to be a part of a team to go into that tournament, I think it's amazing and hopefully I could present myself on that stage too. 

For Celtic fans that don't know, how would you describe your playing style? What will they see from you on the pitch? 

I am a quick attacking style player. I love to dribble at players and excite the fans. I like to try and assist as well as score goals. I pretty much like to go forward and make things happen.