Scott Brown has taken aim at Rodri after the Manchester City midfielder branded Scotland "rubbish" following their Euro qualifying victory over Spain in March.

After a 2-0 defeat to Steve Clarke's side at Hampden, the Spanish skipper said: “For me, it's a bit rubbish because it's always wasting time. They provoke you. They always fall.

“This is for me not football. The referee has to take part of this and he says nothing.

“It's frustrating because we want to win, because you waste time, you waste time. But they have their weapons and we will learn for the next time.”

The post-match comments sparked many hilarious responses, including Ally McCoist, who said: “I thought we were just a wee bit too physical for Rodri. We were rubbish? Bless his wee Spanish heart." 

Former Scotland captain Brown has now revealed that he was amused by Rodri's comments insisting the midfielder lacked class.

"I really enjoyed the win over Spain," Brown told the Daily Record. "But I actually enjoyed the comments after the game from the Spanish lads even more!

"I'd love to have seen them play us about 10 or 15 years ago - because we were much more like hatchet men back then. But our lads try to play and we have some fantastic players who are performing in the Premier League.

"Probably most of those comments were actually disrespectful to Scotland. Sometimes you get beaten by underdogs but you can't be that graceless. Those were small and petty words.

"But that put a smile on a lot of Scottish people's faces - including mine. It's clear this Scotland team isn't here to make up the numbers. You want to get body contact, you want to do the nasty parts of the game.

"Yes, when we play teams like Spain they're going to have lots of possession. And we can't just let them play through us and win by three or four. You want to make sure you win your battles.

"I could see that all the lads had each other's backs in that game. There was a togetherness that impressed me. When someone went in for a tackle, they were all in and around it, trying to win every second ball.

"They didn't give Spain a second to let them play their luxury football. Playing against these top nations with the so-called biggest players in the world, that's exactly the way you want to compete."