IT may only have been introduced this weekend, but VAR is already causing controversy in Scottish football.

There have been some clear-cut calls in the top flight which the technology has helped to highlight. 

However, there are many out there who would argue that there have been some bemusing decisions, or indecisions, too.

What a game it was at Tynecastle yesterday as Celtic beat Hearts 4-3 in the capital. 

The match was highly entertaining, with goals, big tackles, penalties and of course VAR drama.

On the latter point, there was one moment in particular that proved contentious. 

Minutes after a lengthy delay for VAR to award Hearts a penalty in the first-half, which Lawrence Shankland tucked away, the visitors were left fuming they weren't given one of their own.

James Forrest cut inside and attempted to chip the ball into the Hearts box. 

However, the ball struck Michael Smith's hand inside the area mid-flight.

Ange Postecoglou was left stunned that a spot kick wasn't awarded after a VAR check.

But Michael Stewart insists referee Nick Walsh, and his VARs, came to the correct decision.

Addressing the incident on Sportscene, he said: "Nick Walsh is in the perfect position and I think they came to the right decision. They are very quick with this one, but where is his arm meant to be?

"It's not a case of not hitting the ball, his arm is in a completely natural position. I can understand why some people see it as a penalty as his arms are swinging.

"The rules are if it is a deliberate handball, and it's not deliberate, or if he is making his body bigger that is not part of a natural movement."

Shelley Kerr responded: "That is still interpretation. When I watched it right away I thought it was going to be a penalty, and the reason why is watching it again I think he moves his arm up to the ball.

"I am not saying it's intentional. I think you see a motion towards the ball."

Stewart continued: "Handball is a big one for me. There is a big problem where you get punished as a defender for things that are not deliberate.

"They have change the handball law that it no longer means unnaturally big, it's all about the movement of the body. Anything Michael Smith has done there is a completely normal action."