Everything that Callum McGregor said to the media after the 1-1 draw with Dundee United at Tannadice as Celtic won their 52nd league title and he savoured his first as captain.

How proud are you and how do you feel at this moment?

It’s brilliant. I’m super proud of this group of players, the management staff, everyone at Lennoxtown and the club really came together in a period of transition and to have achieved what we have achieved this season is nothing short of tremendous.

Is it more special in terms of what happened last season?

Just in terms of circumstances, yeah. A group of new players coming in and testament to them, they have hit the ground running. Pretty much everybody to a man has made an impact and that’s what we need. It was a huge rebuilding job off the back of a disappointing season, but for me personally, I just wanted to put that behind me and prove to everyone it was a one-off and this group of players has helped me do that. I’m hugely proud [as captain]. It’s something I’ve dreamed of as a young kid. Just to get into the first team and get a game, then the journey has progressed every season. You always want to get better and develop as a player and as a person and, when I was handed the armband, I knew it was my responsibility to bring success back to this football club and I am so happy and delighted that we have managed to do that. When you take a slap in the face, and in football you always get disappointments, you have to bounce back. That shows people what type of person you are, what type of character you have inside that makes you different and it’s trying to prove people wrong. When I stood down there and said what I said, I meant it. And this group of players have helped the club and me achieve that and I owe them a lot for the way they have come in and delivered from all over the world and settled so quickly. To produce the performances along with the manager’s vision and mindset for the club has been spectacular. You always find with younger guys they are willing to listen a little bit more. But, obviously, you then have the language barrier with everything else. You are trying to focus on your own job and listen to what the manager is trying to tell you as well and it’s a lot of things coming together. This group of players have been so eager to learn and get better and they have done that every single week you can see we have a huge team spirit. Any time the chips are down, we get around each other and fight for each other and that is how you win championships. There’s no magic dust. You have to dig in and work for each other and then all the attacking stuff, if you have good players, comes easy. But the magic dust is when you get together and really run for each other.

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Were there any moments when you felt real pressure?

Obviously, early doors. At the start of the season. After six games, I think we were sixth or something and it was a big pressure. We spoke about it the other day that, even in those moments and six games, the team was coming together and all we needed was a moment for the group to say: 'We believe. Let’s go.' And I think the one away at Aberdeen was a big moment. There were others, but that was a big one to say we’re a good side who can go and play football and also win. Ever since that moment, you felt within the group there was a different mentality and that seems to have spurred them on. All the good football we were playing was good, but you have to win and marry that if you want to win things. Be strong. So that was a big turning point.

You were six behind after break, when was the moment you thought we can do this?

When we beat Rangers at home was a big one. Both teams were going really well in that period [before break]. We were winning and so were Rangers and the gap stayed at six. So we knew we had a bit of work to do and looked at that in the winter break and just sort of fine-tuned the way we wanted to play. We then got players in to strengthen the squad a little bit and those boys have had a huge impact as well, but I think a big win like that naturally gives the team confidence and I think at that point, we realised we could go past them and that’s what we did.

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You wore the mask that night, did you want to set a tone?

Yes, absolutely. That’s what I’m like as a person anyway. I’m made of tough stuff and the only reason I can’t play is if I physically can’t run. That’s just what I am like and other boys have carried knocks this season and played on. The mentality within the group is brilliant anyway. Boys are putting their bodies on the line for the club all of the time, but on that one, as soon as I could eat and be pain-free, I knew the period we were in and it was hugely important the squad had a leader and the big personalities on the pitch to follow. I think the Rangers game was one of those nights when you could sense in the stadium we really fancied it. But the players have been fantastic.

Talk to us about the camaraderie within this squad and why is it that they seem on the outside looking in to be a pretty harmonious bunch?

We had good people already at the club, coaches, and staff, who were so helpful when the new guys came in and then you need the right people to come in with the right attitude and want to learn. I’ve spoken about the willingness of the Japanese boys to learn English which makes the whole thing a lot easier. The first wee period was to try and help them and the player liaison guys have been fantastic as well and that’s what I mean about a huge effort from all the club and everyone has to come together if you want success. Everyone has to give everything to the cause and that’s what you can see within the guys. They are always smiling and laughing, but when we are working, we are serious and that’s the sign of a good team.

What about the manager Ange Postecoglou?

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He's come in and has an authority about him in the way he speaks. He’s got an identity and an understanding of the game and he’s brilliant with people. He’s got that something special where, when he speaks, people listen. That’s the thing he has got and then he believes in the players, he believes in his way of playing and thinking and that just transfers onto the team. So when you have got a guy like that at the side who believes in you wholeheartedly, then it’s easy for the boys to buy into it because they know that, if anything goes wrong, he will take the responsibility. That’s what he’s always saying to us. Don’t worry about mistakes. I’m asking you to play this way, so do everything you can and if it goes wrong, I’ll take the responsibility. That really does help the players and he’s been fantastic. the good thing about this is there is much more to come from this group of players as well. He’s starting to build something, but it is easy to chase people. When you are chasing something, it is easy, you have that hunger, naturally. The desire. It’s now the opposite. Okay. We’re champions. Brilliant. Now park it. We’ll enjoy it at the weekend, but the minute we leave that building, we go away in the summer and come back, we have to be even hungrier. We have to be even fitter. There’s a target on your back and that’s where good players will show up and say: Right, let’s go again. That’s what we have to do.