Everything that Hoops midfielder Matt O'Riley said to the media after the 1-1 Scottish Premiership draw against Dundee United at Tannadice which saw Celtic crowned champions for the 52nd time.

How does it feel to be a title winner?

It feels pretty good. It is pretty surreal, to be honest as this is obviously the first title in my career. So just to be part of a club like this is pretty cool for me and I am really grateful for that. Hopefully, I can enjoy it more.

What does it mean to you personally seeing as how it is the first time you have achieved this in your career?

It means everything. This is what football is all about at the end of the day. We hear these fans singing every game home and away and it makes it all the more special. We are going to enjoy it and hopefully, it is even better on Saturday with our fans at Celtic Park.

Can you wrap your head around the journey you have been on this season as you spent the first half with League One MK Dons and now you are a Scottish Premiership champion with Celtic and the scenes you witnessed?

Life has changed pretty quick, to be honest. Within four months I have gone from playing in League One to winning the title with Celtic and that is pretty cool. I didn't have any doubts, to be honest, I wasn't expecting to come to Celtic as I thought I was going to be going somewhere else so when that came up I obviously jumped at it and since then it has become a pretty surreal experience, to be honest, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Do nights like this vindicate that decision to join Celtic?

I think so. I think every night playing for this club is good enough for me regardless if that is winning a title or playing a standard Premiership game as they are all the same to me because playing for a club like Celtic is pretty cool.

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You spoke about training on your own with Fulham before signing for MK Dons did you always have a belief in your own ability and that it would get you playing at the top level?

I felt the pathway wasn't right for me and it didn't feel right to stay and I felt that it was right to pursue other options as it was in my own hands. It has worked out all right in the end and anyone can believe in themselves but if you believe in yourself more than the people around you then you can get to where you want to be at the end of the day.

You are now an international footballer and a Scottish Premiership champion - how does that feel?

It feels good.

Tell us all about your captain Callum McGregor?

I cannot speak highly enough of Callum McGregor. I said before during my first day here he was the first one to welcome me and not just welcome me in a standard cliched way he came up and made me feel part of the club from day one. Whether it be in training or games he is always setting the standard. He is always one of the top three trainers every day. He is also in the top three performers every game and I think that says enough. The consistency he has shown throughout the whole season has really shown how much of a good player he is and secondly how good a person he is. In that changing room, he is the one that really gets us going as well.

There was a big moment in the Rangers game when you won 3-0 and he wore the mask after fracturing his jaw - how inspirational is that for the rest of the players?

I don't think he would have missed that game for the world. He was still doing everything he could to play. Like I said he just gives you that assurance on the pitch. Having him behind me as a player is perfect because you just know you are going to get that calmness and consistency behind you and he is incredible.

He has played an incredible amount but to come in as your first season as captain especially when there was a summer of turmoil may have been too much for some people but that speaks volumes for him doesn't it?

Of course, it says everything about him as a person and a player. He really sets high standards both for himself and the team and I cannot think of any more words for him as he is a top, top guy and a top player as well.

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You have big players all over the pitch with goalkeeper Joe Hart and he is such a calming presence as he has been there, seen it all and done it all hasn't he?

Joe is just genuinely the nicest guy around. He is cool and he has this massive pedigree and status and it would be easy to have a lot of egos if you were that kind of guy but he is the complete opposite as he is one the most down to earth guys and you can have chats to him about anything and on the pitch, we know how good he is.

What's the secret to the bonding as you look at the celebrations and Jota was kicking a beach ball about and Josip Juranovic was chasing him and everybody just seems to be having a laugh?

We are just mates at the end of the day. All the best teams need to have that relationship with each other and you just have to be good friends and hope that translates onto the pitch. I don't think there is one player in the team who would say they do not get on with anyone else which is quite unique. I think that is down to the recruitment as well as the club not only brings in good players but they bring in good people.

Does that take away some of the tension too as there is not so much stress about the place?

Definitely. If you have a lot of ego in the team then that can sometimes translate on the pitch whereas we are genuinely in it as one all the players on the pitch, off the pitch, even the ones who aren't even in the squad it is a collective effort and that shows.

You have gone from League One to this and now you have to go into the Champions League, what are your thoughts on that prospect?

It's cool. It is progressing nicely but I still want more to be honest. I don't just want to play in the Champions League. I want to play well and win games and I think we can do that as we have the players, the staff and the fans to do that and let's see what happens.

When you look at how intense it has been since you've been here are you looking forward to a break now that you have finally done it?

I think so. Although we have international games in the summer and I don't have too much time to relax. I think I have two weeks and then off to Denmark for a few weeks and then the pre-season starts quite soon after that. It is pretty full-on but that is the way I want it to be. I'm playing football which is what I love to do and that is pretty cool.

You talked about competing in the Champions League - what can this group of guys achieve?

Let's see how we come back in pre-season and how we start the new season. We all believe that we can do well and that is the main thing as long as well believe it then I don't see anyone that can stop us really.

The manager was asked if this was just the start of something - do you believe that?

I do. I think you only need to look at how far the club has come in the past year and next year we will hopefully progress even more. I am sure the manager will be looking to strengthen and bring in even stronger players for the Champions League it is an exciting time for the club and the foundation that has been built is a really good one.