Everything that Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou said to the media after his side won the Scottish Premiership title after a 1-1 draw at Tannadice against Dundee United...

How do you sum up your feelings after that?

Fair to say it’s overwhelming – I’m just really proud of the players and staff. We started so far back in terms of starting point so to end up where we are is an unbelievable achievement. The club had a difficult year without success. Even worse the fans couldn’t do what they love the most. I knew this year would be a pretty important year. As much as steadying the ship we had to put down a marker for the fans and make an impact. The fact we’ve ended up champions is pretty amazing. I’ve said downstairs it feels like two seasons in one. We’ve jammed in a rebuild season and season of success. I came with the best intentions, I’m a pretty ambitious guy but I knew it would be a tough ask because I knew our starting point and the opposition. After round seven you look where we were and now to be 31 games undefeated has been unbelievable.

Can you put into words your feeling at the final whistle?

No, I can’t. I’ve done about ten terrible interviews and this won’t impress anyone either. It’s fair to say it’s taken every ounce of me. I’ve put everything into it because I knew how big a challenge it was. Now we’ve done it and the overriding emotion is one of relief and satisfaction and you feel drained because we’ve had to be really focused this year and not get distracted. To play in this city it’s very easy to get distracted by other teams and issues. There’s a potential to take you away from what’s important and we’ve been concentrating so hard.

Is this just the start?

Definitely but I’ve said this year we had to do a lot of work. Irrespective of what happened the role this year was to be better for next year. We laid pretty strong foundations. We’ve shown resilience, character and a strong mentality to overcome obstacles. Those things you can only learn by going through it. Now the pleasing thing is this group getting rewards and you stand a bit taller next season. You want to be better but you also know you stood up when it mattered most. I wanted the players to enjoy it. It’s not easy to do what they’ve done and perform. There’s such a strong bond as a group. We never shy away or make excuses or allowances for anything. To keep going, it’s their moment, they’re the ones who accomplished this task. I wanted them to enjoy it and understand what they’d achieved which is something really special and it is something that won't be forgotten.

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How do you feel when the fans chant your name?

It’s hard for me to comprehend. I’ve had this lifelong dream to manage a world-famous club, trying to make an impact. I’m in this spot now of achieving something I’ve always wanted to achieve. I guess it’s a weird kind of feeling for me.

You are the first Australian to win a league title in Europe that must mean a lot to you?

All those things are important. That’s the kind of weight and responsibility you carry. But ultimately you carry it as manager of this football club as well as representing the country I was born in and the country I grew up in, plus the people who have been along the journey, my beautiful wife and three boys, my friends, people who have been beside me and you kind of think about how they are feeling right now. It’s really special. They are all part of me. They go through the ups and downs and the stresses. Hopefully, they feel good tonight. 

Do you turn your thoughts to the likes of signing Jota and Cameron-Carter Vickers does that work start now?

Just give me tonight! I’m happy to talk about it (Jota and Cameron Carter-Vickers) tomorrow. I know the work never stops, but I have given every bit of myself here and I’ll take a moment to reflect for myself on the job done.

When were you last in Australia?

It’s been two and a half years since was last in Australia. I came here straight from Japan. I’ve been going for a season and a half really without a break. It’s fine, you don’t think about it as you go along. I can’t wait for Saturday. It’ll be a great day for us and then I’m looking forward to getting away for a bit.

You mentioned a lot of people there - friends back home etc - do you dedicate this to your dad, Ferenc Puskas, and your family?

Yes, absolutely they are all part of it. They are all part of me. I carry them along with me. They go through the ups and downs and the stresses and I want them to feel good tonight and hopefully, I have made them all proud. I hope I have made them all feel good tonight. The sacrifices my family make are for these moments. They are the intangibles that make this job special.