ALLY MCCOIST and Chris Sutton are no strangers to a wind up.

The former Rangers & Celtic stars regularly engage in some friendly banter regarding their old teams and the rivalries that go with it.

And in their latest verbal exchange, Sutton had a brutal comeback for Super Ally when discussing styles of football - with McCoist clearly loving every bit of it. 

The pair appeared on BT's Scottish Football Extra. 

A teaser clip has aired on social media and it starts the latest episode starts in hilarious fashion.

Speaking to Sutton, McCoist says: "Away you and don't talk a lot of nonsense. I mean the results haven't been good enough."

Sutton replies: "Beautiful football is important, Ally. I know when you were manager it Rangers it was just lump it up to the big guy up top and knock down football.

"C'mon, fans want a bit more."

Ally quickly retorted: "By the way, just for the record, see if that style of football didn't exist, you'd have been a plumber. So don't you start about style of football, alright?"

And the jovial exchange was finished by Sutton with great wit. 

He asked: "How many plumbers have won the Premier League north and south of the border?"

Bursting out laughing along with host Darrell Currie, McCoist added: "He's back, he's back."