Former Celtic defender Ramon Vega has admitted that it broke his heart to leave Celtic.

Vega's candle burned brightly for the six months he resided in Glasgow as he scooped the domestic Treble for Martin O'Neill's side and won all three matches that he played against Rangers.

Yet it all ended so abruptly when he quit in June 2001 to sign a three year deal for Gianluca Vialli's Watford who were in English football's second-tier Championship at the time.

The 28-times capped Switzerland defender denies reports at the time he made the switch for monetary purposes alone.

He insists to this day that his heart lay with Celtic.

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However, much to his and the Celtic supporters surprise there was no firm or concrete offer made to him or placed on the table when his loan contract expired.

Vega revealed that he was heartbroken to quit Paradise because he had developed a genuine affinity for the club.

He admits that it took him a while to adjust to life without Celtic.

Vega said: "I always wanted to stay at Celtic. That was never in question.

"Before the renewal or any discussion my heart and mind were already made up and I was staying with Celtic and all I wanted was an offer of a contract.

"The reason I left to join Watford was that I did not have a contract offer on the table.

"I'm sorry but you are waiting and praying to stay but the contract offer was not forthcoming.

"A three-year deal was on the table at Watford and so I needed to move on. It was a real disappointment and it really broke my heart to leave Celtic as I loved the club.

"I would have stayed for a year with the option of a second year but there was no offer placed on the table.

"It was never a question of money as Celtic never made me an official offer so that I could say yes or no.

"It was the most disappointing part of my whole journey and it still hurts to this day.

"I was disappointed and it took me a good six months at Watford to adjust to life without Celtic. Mentally I was very low.

"I thought I had worked well and we achieved great success when I was there and then I got a slap in the face with no contract offer.

"That was hard to take at the time. I felt that I was ignored and no discussions took place on a contract.

"The players liked me and the fans always appreciated what I gave them in the six months spell I was with the club.

"It was just sad that the Celtic chapter of my career ended that way.

"It left me with a bad taste, not with Celtic, just that particular period of my life.

"It took me a long time to recover from it."