Roger Mitchell has revealed he plans to organise the funds to buy Celtic in the future and give the fans "what they deserve".

The former SPL chief executive is now an 'angel investor' based in Italian lakeside city Como and runs a sports businesses podcast.

But the 57-year-old has never hidden his love for the Hoops, whom he has a deep connection having grown up in Paisley.

And he took to social media to tantalise a plan to get much more heavily involved in the club in the years ahead.

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He said: "What is truly astonishing is how big a club Celtic is and how many people are totally invested in the club.

"One day I'll try to get some private equity money together and buy it, and give these good people what they deserve.

"But not today."

Mitchell has been an outspoken critic of the club's strategy in recent years, calling for a big picture focus on European improvement and suggesting following a data-led plan like Premier League shock-troops Brentford.