Everything the Celtic winger said to the media ahead of the Queen's Park friendly tomorrow night...

How are you feeling given the season is a few weeks away now?

I think we are all happy to be back. It was good to have some days off. Now we start focusing on the next season.

Do you feel that pre-season is getting wrapped up as the days go by?

Yes, of course. It was a heavy couple of days already. We are looking forward to America and the start of the season.

How exciting is that trip going to be for the guys?

It will be really nice and there will be some good tests over there. We are all happy and looking forward to it.

When you approach a new campaign, do you set yourself new targets and new goals? How do you look ahead to the new season?

I think for the team it is going to be the same targets as last season. We want to win every trophy there is and for me personally I want to show up and let everyone see what I can do.

How do you think last season went for you from a personal point of view?

I think the beginning was quite difficult coming in and I spoke about the weight loss and stuff. I was getting better and towards the end, I was feeling good. I was in the team more and I connected with everyone. I am happy to get a full pre-season now.

Do you think you can cement a regular place in the team this season?

Of course, I think so.

Is that based on confidence and your fitness issues getting sorted?

That's the biggest problem I had in the beginning and my fitness was not on the level. Now we are working on that and hopefully, it is going to be perfect for the start of the season.

Did it almost feel frustrating at the end of the season and the timing as that is where you said you were picking up, getting more game time and feeling better?

No. I think we ended the season in good shape and it was important to win the trophies. I came here to support the team in any way I could. For us, it was about winning the trophies and that is what we did. We are just focusing on the next season.

I meant for you personally, you were starting to show the supporters what you can do. Is this the point where you feel that you can kick on and show even more as the months go on?

Of course. I think it was also good to have a small break and to be fit and ready for the new season. In the end, it was just about the team and getting the job done.

During the transfer window, there is always talk of getting new players in. Is that something you always welcome as a player? Do you look forward to having more competition in the squad whilst getting stronger and building on last season?

Competition is always good, especially in a big club. You need competition at a club like this and we have a couple of games ahead and we need to be ready.

The aim is always to strive to be better. It was two trophies last season. Is the aim to win all three domestic trophies this campaign?

I think that will be the goal, yes.

What were the last ten days of the season like for you when you won the league, trophy day and then you won the Scottish Cup? Was that what you expected? Did it exceed your expectations and did it give you the hunger to experience it all over again?

It was probably even better. It was unbelievable. The celebrations were really nice. You feel it once and you want more of it.

Did those celebrations as a team help build the bond between you all?

Yeah, 100 per cent. For me, I was just here half the year and it was nice to have those moments already with the team. For example, saying goodbye to Joe (Hart) was a special moment for the whole team. Joe is a really nice guy and we are still in contact but I think as a group we are getting closer together. That's good for the new season as well.

You saw the reception that Joe Hart got from the fans after his three-year stint at the club. Does that show you the adulation you can receive if you do really well here and achieve success?

It would be a dream for that to happen. I think everyone saw what happened with Joe. That's what everyone wants if they retire or leave a football club.

There's been talk about Adam Idah coming in and potentially returning. He was on loan during the second half of the season. What was he like to play with? Is he a player you would like to see back this season?

Of course. I think he gave me the first assist for my first goal here. It was a nice start for both of us. He's a good player and we will see what happens.

He is a different striker to Kyogo. Is it good as a winger to have those different options to play with?

I think it is good for the whole team to get players in who can make a different impact. Sometimes you need a small difference and that is good for everyone including the coaches and the team to have individual differences.

There are some suggestions that Paulo Bernardo may also return to the club. What qualities do you think he brought to the team last season?

I was quite close with Paulo. I would be happy if he came back. He is a great player. In the Scottish Cup final, he also had a special moment. It would be great to have him back.

He is a young player as well. Can he grow into an even better player moving forward?

Yes, 100 per cent. There is not a limit yet.

What was it like for you to settle into a new country and a new league? What was the biggest challenge in that?

Of course, it is not easy, especially if you come in the winter transfer window. I think that is more difficult than starting the new season with a new team. The biggest problem for me was the weight loss and not being 100 per cent. That was the biggest thing.

Can you just tell us what it has been like working under the manager and how your career can further develop under him?

I think the first talks I had with him were really good. He can help a lot. Also when there was a lot of pressure I think he showed that he was the role model to stay calm and believe in what we were doing and at the end we showed that the plan was the right one.

Is it fair to say that the Celtic fans have still to see the best version of you?

Of course, I am not there yet. I had a couple of good games but I have to show every game. That's the main thing.