Everything Scott Bain had to say to Celtic TV... 

You signed a new deal recently, you must be happy here?

Yeah, delighted. I think the main thing is as long as I'm happy coming to work every day, enjoying training every day and in a nice environment there's no reason I'd want to leave it.

What's the current group of goalkeepers like?

Great. I think Joe (Hart) has been an excellent addition to the team. There's a wealth of experience we can take from him. He's an all-round good guy who wants to help and wants the club to succeed, he's been phenomenal for the squad.

Joe wants to give everything here, is everyone learning from that?

Yeah he's definitely still got the hunger for the game. He wants to be a part of something that's building here. I think the fans can see it, the players can see it and coming from somewhere as big as he has he's a very humble guy. It's good to see he's still got the hunger and desire to want to achieve something and win games. 

Have things changed on the goalkeeping front since Ange Postecoglou arrived? 

A little bit. The majority of it is the same but we're obviously focusing more on playing it out again and being involved in build-up play. You can see the goalkeepers now play a lot higher than before in a sort-of sweeper role. We do a lot more with the players in terms of possession and things like that. It's changed a little bit but, on the whole, it's kinda the same.

How important is it not to let the concentration slip (when not playing every game)?

I've been here long enough that it's just been a case of being at Celtic you can't come to training and go through the motion and think it's going to be easy. You have to come here and work hard because the squad is getting better every window so you can't really let your guard down. The quality of the players drives the quality of the goalkeeping so I think you're always ready in that sense that you're playing with the best in the league every day.