Everything Ange Postecoglou had to say to the media ahead of Celtic's match against Hearts...

Your thoughts on the passing of former Celtic manager Wim Jansen?

It is sad news for his family. It is also sad for our football club and all the organisations he has been involved with. He is a massive name in Dutch football both as a player and a manager and I've often said that we get the privilege of coming through these clubs and our ultimate ambition is to leave some sort of mark or some sort of legacy and he did that in 12 months. The impact he had is fantastic. He had a similar journey to mine coming from Japan to here way back then. He has left an indelible mark and for all of us, it is what you hope for. At the end of it when you stop doing what you love you hope along the way you've belonged somewhere and made a mark as that keeps everything you have done alive. With Wim that is definitely the case with our football club and in Dutch football, he will be forever remembered.

Can you give any injury update on Callum McGregor?

He got a concussion and a significant facial injury. It is a serious injury and nothing has changed on that front. We'll give him the time he needs to heal and recover and we will be guided by the medical professionals on that and by Callum himself. I said yesterday he was feeling better but it is still a serious injury. At the moment we are supporting him in his recovery and hopefully getting back to being part of the setup here soon.

Any idea if Callum will be back for the Rangers game or is that totally unrealistic?

I don't put any timeframes on anything as I am not in the medical profession. It kind of confuses me sometimes when people start talking about games and who is going to be available for certain matches. At the moment all we are concerned about is Callum McGregor the person. This is not just about football as he has had a significant injury and we want to make sure he recovers and he feels good. Callum is the kind of person who will be itching to get back out there. First of all, we look after the person's health and make sure they recover well. When they get back to training and playing we will be guided by the medical professionals.

The last thing you need is a fresh set of injuries, are you better equipped to deal with that now?

It's not about being better equipped as any manager will tell you, you want your best players available and we haven't had that. We haven't had a period of that since the beginning of the season. There has been one disruption after another and all you can do is what we've done so far and what the players and the staff have done is deal with it and not let it affect what our overall objectives are and that is to consistently perform at a good level and not make excuses. If you ask me am I disappointed by the injuries I got the other night then yes I am as you'd much rather have your best players available as that is why we have a strong squad. We just haven't had that at our disposal so far and we've done a great job of getting on with it and we'll continue to do that.

Yosuke Ideguchi does he fall into the Callum McGregor bracket and is his a long or short-term injury?

I hadn't even seen him after the game when I got asked about it when I went back into the room it was quite obvious it was a significant injury. When you look at the visuals of it, you know it could have been a hell of a lot worse. Again it is disappointing that he has had to deal with it.

Have the recent injuries led you to re-evaluate what you want to do in the January transfer market with a week left?

No. We've accomplished what we wanted to do in this transfer window and from now on it is all about solidifying the group and continuing to play. Injuries have played their part but we will be in a better place when all our players have gone through their rehabs. Hopefully, come the business end of the year we will have the strong squad that we need.

Do the injuries give opportunities to the likes of Reo Hatate and Matt O'Riley to show you what they can do?

That's why they are here. They are here to play and be part of the setup and sometimes you get your opportunities through injures or their own good play. They are all here to contribute and we've dealt with these things whether that be injuries in certain areas of the field, we've navigated our way through that because I believe in the players that I have here. We will have a team out there tomorrow night that I believe will be strong enough to win the game.

Is this a marker from how far you've come since the opening day loss to Hearts and the first time you have been back to Tynecastle since?

This is the fourth time we have played them. When does the statute of limitations expire on a fixture? It was a different start for us and there is no point regurgitating everything that went on at the time as we kind of knew the situation we were in and what we had to deal with due to players coming in and going out. It was an unsettled period for us and I still thought we performed well on the day and lost narrowly and it wasn't a great way to start the league. We are a different team now and have been for quite a while. We kind of know what we are going to get.

How close is Christoper Jullien to starting?

He is fit and he is available and now it is just a matter of opportunity and that will come when it is there for him. Like I said with the other players you get an opportunity for different reasons like injuries or me wanting to alter or change things. The key thing for Chris is that he is training, he is fit and he is available and it is a matter of biding his time until he gets his opportunity and when he gets it to perform well.

Will it be like having a brand new player available?

He hasn't contributed so far and it's great that he is another player who we can call upon. We've had significant injuries in the midfield and front third areas but we've been pretty solid defensively all year in terms of the players we have been able to call upon. Having Chris there with his experience and his quality is certainly going to help us.

Are the fans about to see what Giorgos Giakoumakis is all about?

That's the opportunity that exists for Giorgos now. He is one of the ones who came in very late in the piece. He had very little in terms of a pre-season for us and he didn't do a pre-season anywhere any player will tell you that puts them behind the eight ball straight away and he has had some setbacks in between. The fact that over the break he was able to come in even when we gave the players the week off and did some good work with Chris Jullien and James Forrest and they had like a mini pre-season. It is the sort of beginning for him and now he gets the opportunity to show people exactly why we did sign him. I thought he did well the other night particularly because he hasn't played 90 minutes and he looked pretty strong and took his goal well. I am sure he will improve from there.

Hearts boss Robbie Neilson said Celtic's injuries wouldn't affect the team given the size of the squad and talent, is that how you see it?

To a certain extent yes. You want a big squad but they only work when everyone is available. Every manager will tell you that they carry a big squad because they want to call on players because of absences so you can use that squad to maximum effect on a consistent basis. The reality is that we haven't been able to and we have had to play players repeatedly and it is why we struggled in the first half of the year. The workload fell on too few as we did not have a settled team. Hopefully moving forward that situation improves and we can navigate the fixture schedule. You also have to know that our fixture schedule is a little bit different from other clubs. Other managers commenting on the squad I've got and so forth then they will have to take the bigger picture into account.

Team news?

We are not going to have time mate. Liel Abada is fine and he will be fit. Ideguchi and Callum will miss out and nobody else is coming back so there are no other major changes.