Everything Celtic full-back Greg Taylor said to the media as he previewed Monday night's home Scottish Premiership clash with Hibernian.

How has the winter break been?

It's been good. It's a mini pre-season so it's good to get some serious work done as we don't really get the chance to get proper training done throughout the season because we've got that many games so it's a good time to do that.

Some new faces have arrived, how have you found them in training?

They have all settled in really well and hopefully, they will be good additions to the squad and can help us improve in the next few months of the season.

How's your Japanese coming on?

It needs work to be fair but luckily the Japanese lads are trying their best to speak English and that does help.

What have you noticed about them that is different from what you are used to at training?

They have all settled in really well and they all have a fantastic work ethic and that is something I think all of our signings have had this year and that has been beneficial. More of that quality and work ethic can only improve us.

How would you sum up the first part of the season?

I think it has been a testing period to start with and we had a lot of bodies and a lot of change and it has been enjoyable. We have grown as a squad and grown as a team and grown as a collective. All of us have tried as hard as we can to continue to improve and we will continue to try and do that in the next few months.

Has it come together quicker than you imagined?

I don't think we looked too far ahead and put timescales on these things and thankfully we have picked up the managers ideas and that is down to him and he has been very clear and concise in the way he wants us to play. There has been no reason for us not to understand our roles and thankfully we have all managed to do that.

How crucial is this next part of the season with the cups and the league?

There are no more breaks now and this is the business end of the season and the next few months is when the silverware is handed out apart from the trophy we won in December. We need to do our talking on the pitch.

How relieved are you that fans are allowed back in for the Hibs game?

It's a massive bonus and I am glad that we have come to that decision. I think it was the logical one and we need our fans so to have 60,000 there come Monday night is only going to benefit us.

There is going to be five substitutes allowed going forward as a player is that a good thing for player welfare in respect to playing too many games?

I'll need to be clever how I answer as I don't want to leave out any games. I think it will benefit us as a squad yet but equally, I said no as I'd rather keep playing. Once you are in that routine you want to just keep getting the games in and you only improve that way by getting into your stride. From a players point of view, you do want to play but I do understand the other aspect that it will help us all.

You talked about a mini pre-season, how do you feel personally, are you fit and fully up to speed and raring to go?

I'm really good and I was fortunate that I managed to make it back for the cup final. I spent a long period out and it was a good chance to build my fitness and build on the games that I got before the break so I am ready to attack the next few months.

You mentioned the long period out has that fuelled your hunger to make an impact in the second part of the season?

I think we all want to make an impact as this is the business end of the season and nobody wants to miss any games. Everybody wants to play their part and hopefully contribute to the club's success and we will all be trying to do that myself included.

You will want to roll on the confidence from the League Cup win into the rest of the season - won't you?

We've touched upon that as a group, winning as a team and success at this club is so important and it will help us improve because when you win together you want more of that. It was a good day winning the League Cup.

Has the mentality of the team improved over the course of the season?

I think we have improved as a squad and I don't think our mentality was something that was lacking as such. We know the demand of this club is to win every game at all costs and we did drop a few points earlier in the season but we know what's important for the games coming up.