Everything Ange Postecoglou said to the media today ahead of Celtic's home Scottish Premiership clash with Hibernian.

How is your squad and how are the new guys settling in?

All good. Obviously, we got the new recruits in nice and early and that was the plan and they all got here around New Year so they have been here from the first training session which was good because it gives them a chance to settle both on and off the park and they all feel good. Beyond that, the rest of the squad is in decent condition and we have guys in different rehab cycles but for the most part, we are getting a few players back which is good.

What kind of impact has the three Japanese guys had on the training?

It's always good when you get new players in and they are all different players and they all bring different things to the table and they are all pretty excited about being here and the lads that are here get excited about quality players coming in and they have fitted in really well so far.

Jota is back in training how crucial is that and is he available for Monday?

It's good to have him back as he was one of the ones that were out medium to long term but he did his rehab really well and joined in training today although he has been training but not sort of team training. We'll see but he won't be far off and if it is not Monday then we expect him to be available over the next couple of weeks and he feels really good.

The Celtic fans want him to stay past this season and reports that talks are ongoing over a permanent move - is there anything to add to that?

No. not really. I think I said a while ago things will chunter on in the background but nothing significant has happened and I don't think anything significant will happen in the short term. Our main focus is to get him back playing and playing well and hopefully having a big second half of the year. He started really well for us and had the injury setback and it is just great to get him back on the field and performing and in terms of beyond this year that will take care of itself at the appropriate time.

You were interested in Riley McGree, how many more players are you looking to bring in?

We kind of had a clear idea of what we wanted to do in January and that was mainly focused on the targets that I had identified early on which were the three lads we brought in. We've had some interesting others but to be fair a lot of it is quite crazy, to be honest with you. You can pretty much throw up any name now and pretty much lie and nobody says anything, I can tell you there are no other offers out there and we haven't spoken to anyone else. Riley McGree was someone we had an interest in because of my association with him and I know the player very well but he's decided to look elsewhere after initial discussions which is fine. We have not spoken to one other player apart from the ones that we've brought including Jonny Kenny. All those other names are fictitious. I get it as there is a bit of value in associating our name with a player but that value is with the agent and the player probably not with us.

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What's your opinion on the five substitutes rule - are you in favour?

We supported it, I just think when it was initially brought in as we had it in Japan as well and initially I wasn't for it because it kind of changes the game. What has happened in the world in the last 18 months the preferred option in most leagues around the world is to continue as is in terms of the number of games as we don't want to be cutting down or abbreviating seasons but it has just meant that there is too much of a load on players and it five subs makes sense to every club irrespective of your strength in the squad. The opportunity not to overburden your players as we went through that in the first half of the season but it is not just in terms of player welfare and it is not just happening in this league but you only need to look at injury rates in any league in the world they are going up due to demands placed on payers. With Covid still being around and being a factor, it makes sense to go back to the five subs and give every club the opportunity to look after their players.

Can you tell us a little bit more about Jonny Kenny?

Jonny is one that we have been tracking for a while through our scouts in Ireland and was a name put to me in the summer and we have been tracking his progress since then. We like what we see in his development so far and he already has a year of senior football under his belt. He has some really good attributes and we thought it was a good opportunity to bring him in during this window with the league finishing over there and we took advantage of that. After having discussions with him he was keen to come across. He's one that the scouting department has been tracking for a while but he's only 18 and we are trying to bring in players we feel we need right now but also not discounting the fact we need to look further ahead. Once he settles he will start training with us and hopefully, he can make an impact in the next year or so.

There have been approaches for Stephen Welsh can you tell us any more on that?

I haven't been involved too much in that. Welshy has done well and he is contracted here and he is one of our players. He's got a hell of a lot of development still to do and he is going really well so far and he's not going anywhere.

Will some players have to leave before the window shuts?

Nobody needs to go out we are not forcing anyone out the door. It's just that some players need to go out on loan to continue their development because it is important to us. Other players who have not had an opportunity might look elsewhere to get game time but we don't have to push anyone out we are not forcing anyone to leave. From our perspective, it is about making that our younger players develop and we have a couple of the younger ones out on loan. We are hopeful of getting a couple more out on loan in this window. An important part of any young players development is playing regularly. We are working towards that and if anyone else finds a better opportunity elsewhere in the current squad that thinks it will be better for them then if we can help them we will make it happen. I haven't said we need to bring in another one or two as I am quite happy with the squad and I doubt that we will bring anyone else in.

How big a boost is the return of capacity crowds?

It's great for the game and I don't think there will be a person involved with football who wouldn't welcome that. It shows the league and clubs took the right course of action. We understood why the government had to do what it did at the time. I felt it was quite logical with the natural break that our season has that other leagues don't have. It would have been ludicrous to try and play through that without crowds and give ourselves at least an opportunity. And now the games are starting again and we have had only one round without the fans in and that's testament to the fact that everyone in the league is looking at the greater good which is making sure clubs and supporters are hand-in-hand in making sure that games are played in full stadiums.

What's Leigh Griffiths' situation and are you expecting him back?

That dialogue hasn't included me. Leigh's situation is that he will probably be looking at opportunities elsewhere and that's kind of how I see it as well.

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What kind of challenge are you anticipating from Hibs?

A good challenge, we obviously played them in the Cup Final. They are a good side who are starting to find their straps with a new manager who's come in with plenty of energy and given them a lift after a disappointing period. It should be a good challenge but I guess the most important thing for us is we get going again and start playing football in front of fans. We are at home again and we haven't been to Celtic Park for a while. I'm just looking forward to getting the season going again and I think it will be a good quality game. When both teams are coming off the break they will be nice and fresh so hopefully, it's an entertaining encounter.

How would you assess your period in charge and what message would you send to the fans?

As I've said from day one, I've been overwhelmed and humbled by the support I've received right from the first day. Even when things were not going smoothly at the beginning, I still felt like the supporters saw what we were trying to do and they have backed us all the way. It's been a big part of my first six months that the supporters have really got behind the team with is really important for me. We have shown progress towards where we want to be. We want to be stronger but from where we were when we started to today, there has been progress but I want more. I want us to be better, I want us to be stronger. That would be my answer even if we were flying. I continually seek improvement in the way we play and develop our players and results, everything. It's certainly been an entertaining six months for everyone. There have been plenty of storylines and hopefully, we continue our progress. The most important thing is to vindicate the support I've had in the first six months.

Does the job Michael Nicholson appears to be doing seem worthy of some praise?

Yeah, he doesn't just appear to be doing it. He actually is. I'm on record as saying I'm working really well with Michael, but not just him, other people in senior management. They have been very supportive of me and my vision. Ultimately I'm the one who will be taking responsibility for what is happening in the football department and for me to have the best chance of success, I couldn't do it without that support. And even before Michael became CEO we were working well together so it has been a tremendous assistance to me and everyone in the football department. And we continue to work. Like me, I'm sure he wants us to get better and improve as a football club and he will be working hard to do that. So far everything has gone really well and hopefully, it continues to do so.

Can I just confirm you don't expect any more incoming this month and are happy with the squad as it is?

Yeah.  Unless something extraordinary comes along or something happens within the existing squad that means we need to move. But as we speak right now there are no other offers or people I've spoken to so the 20 names that come out tomorrow are all lies or fabrications or people bored at home just Googling names and throwing them up there or agents trying to get a little bit more value for their clients. So I can't be any clearer than that. The one thing I won't do is lie. So there is nobody else we are talking to, there are no other offers, there's nobody else I'm interested in as we sit here today. If that changes I will let you know.