Dion Dublin on the saxophone. Roy Keane standing to attention for the Soldier's Song. Artur Boruc taking sly puffs on cigarettes.

You have not entered some sort of Celtic Twilight Zone, these things actually did take place.

The Admiral Bar on Glasgow’s Waterloo Street for 60 years may have called last orders on Saturday March 11 after the owners announced a site redevelopment – but it will forever hold a host of treasured memories.

The watering hole was so popular in its heyday that Gordon Strachan's Celtic team were regular frequenters, especially after cup finals and title successes.

Former DJ Dave Ross, one of the three owners of The Admiral, says that during Strachan's trophy-laden era his men were well-kent faces in the establishment.

Ross reckons one of the most bizarre nights in the bar's history occurred when Celtic had beaten Dunfermline 3-0 in the 2006 Scottish League Cup final at Hampden and the victorious Hoops team descended on the venue.

"The first trophy success in the Gordon Strachan era saw the whole Celtic team come into the bar after the match,” Ross told The Celtic Way. “Strachan brought the whole team down. Celtic had beaten Dunfermline 3-0 and Rangers goalkeeper Allan McGregor was in goal for the Pars that day – it was his fumble that led to Maciej Zurawski scoring the first goal. Shaun Maloney and Dion Dublin got the other goals.

“The one thing that sticks vividly in my mind is Dublin playing the saxophone on stage. He was absolutely brilliant, an accomplished player of the instrument. The place went nuts for him. Everybody was already happy because Celtic had won the cup so Dublin was roundly applauded.

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"The other crazy thing about that night was Roy Keane. Now, all Keane drank was cans of Red Bull. He had put away about six in a period of up to two or three hours. He’s as mad as a box of frogs to start with anyway but the Celtic fans were going up to him and celebrating and doing all the kinds of things you do when you are in high spirits… and Keane decided it was time to leave.

"However despite the night having three-and-a-half hours still to run, Keane wouldn't leave until I had played the Soldier’s Song [the national anthem of the Republic of Ireland]. I certainly obliged. You don't refuse a request from Roy Keane, do you? I don't think anyone who was in the pub would have put up any objections to it anyway.

"Ironically, it was March 19 2006 so it was also the day the smoking ban came in. I noticed Artur Boruc kept ducking in and out of the pub at regular intervals – he was sneaking into my office at the back because he didn't want to smoke in front of his manager! He kept going for a cheeky wee cigarette in my office. I don't know if he ever got caught.

"It really was one of the most bizarre nights I have ever been witness to in the Admiral Bar… but it was magical."

Ross contends there was simply a fantastic vibe around the famous Glasgow venue whenever Celtic captured a piece of silverware. Street parties and congas were de rigeur.

"When Celtic won the league on a Thursday night at Tannadice during Strachan's time [season 2007-08] that was the busiest the pub has ever been that night,” he said. “People were giving me abuse because they couldn't get in.

"During the Neil Lennon and Brendan Rodgers eras we had congas forming round Waterloo Street, Blythswood Street, Bothwell Street and West Campbell Street as well as what was basically a huddle blocking off Waterloo Street and back into the pub. That was kind of the norm as Celtic won a lot of trophies back in those days."

Celtic Way:

It wasn't just Celtic footballers and managers who used the Admiral as their haunt. The boozer was no stranger to hosting some real A-listers from the acting circuit as well as a plethora of famous Scottish singers and bands.

He said: "In 2011, when Celtic won 1-0 against Rangers and Joe Ledley scored to put them top of the league, my pal Cal MacAninch, who has been in Downtown Abbey and lots of other stuff, was in the bar. We've been lifelong pals and he came in with a guy who actually used to do leafleting for me occasionally in the Cotton Club [a Glasgow casino]. He was called Gerard Butler!

"Cal, Gerard and Tony Curran, another actor, would all come into the bar at that time. They were all big Celtic fans and they would be joined by Colin McCreadie, who is a St Johnstone fan and who starred in Taggart. All of that crowd were in the pub prior to that game and there is a cracking photo of them all together in the bar.

"I used to give Gerard Butler pelters because he is originally from Paisley and he stayed in a house in Ralston. I slagged him off and said he was a jump-the-dyke Celtic fan as he originally supported St Mirren. He'd always claimed to be a Celtic fan.

"Paolo Nutini has also been in before as well and so have the guys from Mogwai – they’ve given the Admiral a shout-out a few times in interviews. Bobby Bluebell from the Bluebells band was always there – another massive Celtic fan as everybody knows – so I think the only Rangers supporter in the crowd was Big Skin from Hipsway. A nicer guy you couldn't meet.

"Other than the Celtic connection one of the nicest celebrities to come into the bar and watch the football was Matt Lucas. He would just sit up the back in one of the booths and watch the Arsenal games whenever he was performing in Glasgow. He is a cracking guy, an absolute gentleman."

What now then for the Admiral Bar? Is this the end? Well, no actually.

Ross and company are heading to a change of venue. They are taking over the Woods Bar, which is situated two minutes away on the same street as the Admiral.

The reincarnation will see a fusion of both pubs with the name changed to The Admiral Woods Bar.

The pub will have the “same staff, same menu and same chefs” and will fling open its doors on Friday March 17.

"I'm gutted the way this has all come about,” Ross said. “The Admiral Bar was a highly viable, successful and popular business and it's biting the dust because the developers have come in.

“There was only seven years left on the lease and they had no intention of renewing it. They used everything in their power to get us out of there. They have managed to do that because there is a point when you just have to give up.

"It was a bittersweet moment saying goodbye to the Admiral, although we are really looking forward to the new premises opening up. It is basically a whole gravitation of about 150 yards.

"The new pub will be renamed after Sir Andrew Wood, who was an admiral in the Scottish navy. He was effectively a legalised pirate and the equivalent of Lord Nelson."

The Admiral Woods might not boast Dion Dublin on the saxophone, Roy Keane standing to attention for the Irish national anthem or not-so-regular punters like Gerard Butler or Tony Curran but the legend of the original Admiral is not gone and certainly won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Indeed, for Ross and co. it’s time to create some new memories. Cheers to that.